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Thessaloniki bomber was President of the District Court in Malko Tarnovo

Interview with the President of the District Court - Malko Tarnovo Judge Maria Moskova


Sozopol starts construction of two objects

With the ceremony was launched the work on the construction of the sewerage network in the coastal part of the town known as the "Isthmus". 


Sozopol tourism exchange experiences and strategies in Corfu

Two-day visit by representatives of the municipality of Sozopol and local entrepreneurs and hoteliers in the town of Corfu was a part of the "Borderless good manager". This is the second visit of Sozopol representatives in the Greek resort within the project which aimed to exchange of best practices between representatives of both tourist town as well as the strategy and sharing experiences for an inclusion in the tourism industry of people of different vulnerable groups. During the discussions was given time to discuss the situation in tourism during the crisis.


Sergei Bubka makes groundbreaking at the sports hall Arena Bourgas

The emblem of the  world sport Sergei Bubka arrives at the invitation of  the mayor Dimitar Nikolov and the Bulgarian Athletics Federation in Bourgas. Olympic and world champion, improved 35 times the  world record in the pole vault, is coming on Monday / October 20th / to make a real jump-start of the project "Arena Bourgas". 


Children with special courtroom in Bourgas

Courtroom for to hearing cases involving children and a room for interviewing child opened District Court - Bourgas. "Room for Children" is located in the courthouse on the first floor - №111, adjacent to the courtroom - №8. 


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" Mediocre minds always condemn everything that stands outside of their concepts. "

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