And this summer tensions arose between the people who were at Coral Beach and Tsarevo Municipality. The dispute this time is who should pay for the garbage collected during the summer season there.

For years, the beach has been without a concessionaire, and the cost of transporting waste is at the expense of local taxpayers.

Simfono Rock concert will be able to hear the lovers of both music styles in Tsarevo on August 23, Wednesday, at 20 o'clock, on the open stage in front of the chitalishte /reading hall/.

The State Opera Orchestra - Bourgas and jazz formation "Sofia" will perform some of the most recognizable rock songs of

On June 12th started the largest international festival for modern façade painting in Bulgaria - We All Write 2017. Artists from four countries gather in Ahtopol to make the whole town in a work of art. They will paint a total of 30 walls of private buildings in the seaside during the festival week from June 12th to June 18th.

Tsarevo Municipality, as the guardian of the Nestinar ritual, declared its categorical disagreement about a "show" connected with fire and conducted in the center of Sofia to be called Nestinarstvo.

On 30.09.2009, the Nestinarstvo is included as a non-material cultural heritage of humanity on the list of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. (UNESCO).

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