In America, Australia and Europe, they eat Karnobat compotes

The family of Elka and Atanas Atanasov have successfully managed Karnobatplod AD for more than 20 years. For the success of the canning factory in the small town, they take care of their sons. With the help of fifty workers in the enterprise, a family develops products whose products reach different parts of the world. "For the modernization of the equipment, we have also relied on European funding through a project of new machines and equipment worth over BGN 1,107 million, which replace the manual labor of many workers, whose provision is a serious problem," says Atanas Atanasov, Executive Director. Since the beginning of this season, the refrigeration facility has been in operation, which extends the working period.
Karnobatplöd develops a production that is successfully realized on several continents.The products of the company are mainly realized abroad, although they have good reception in two big retail chains in Bulgaria
"We strive to sell everywhere, but it means that different tastes need to be satisfied.Currently, we have successful sales in Israel, where food requirements meet strict standards and therefore regularly check us, "says Elka Atanasova, who, like her husband, is a graduate of the University of Food Technology.
Peach compotes are the great pride of the family business
Apart from Israel, they are sold successfully in America, Russia, Italy and other Western European countries as well as in remote Australia